Get Involved in Suicide Prevention

There are different ways to get involved in suicide prevention within your community. Whatever way you chose to be involved we appreciate your contributions to the work of suicide prevention in Ontario.


What else can you do in the community?

Talking openly and safely about suicide or working alongside organizations that work in suicide prevention, intervention or postvention, signals to others that you are willing and able to have conversations about suicide if and when others need to talk. This may be the simplest step you can take to reducing the stigma around suicide. Other things you can do include:


  • Attend community events focused on suicide prevention and mental health to show your support
  • Post numbers for crisis lines around your home, workplace, church, community centres, and anywhere else you can
  • Get posters about suicide prevention and/or your local crisis/distress prevention line and with permission post them in your workplace and other public places
  • Participate in World Suicide Prevention Day events on September 10th every year such as placing a candle in your window at 8:00pm or wearing a yellow and orange ribbon. 
  • Learn all you can about the risk factors and warning signs of suicide, and what you can do if you think someone is at risk
  • Talk to family, friends and neighbours about suicide prevention – find ways to introduce it in conversations
  • Sign up for suicide alertness or crisis intervention training such as SafeTALK or ASIST
  • Volunteer for a different mental health organization or for a local crisis service
  • Support and Advocate for mental health promotion in your workplace
  • If you notice that someone appears to be unhappy or stressed take the time to ask them how they are and listen. Don’t be afraid to ask directly about suicide – remember, talking about suicide will not cause someone to begin thinking about suicide
  • If you attend a place of faith, encourage the community to talk about suicide and/or host a suicide alertness training workshop
  • Are you a coach, a scout or brownie leader? Learn how to address emotional pain and not just physical pain by attending a workshop
  • Host a third-party fundraiser and donate the proceeds to suicide prevention efforts